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How to get to Dugi Otok from Zadar?

Dugi otok is located 16 nm from Zadar and 22 nm from Biograd. The island is connected to the mainland by ferry line Zadar – Brbinj. In Zadar there is also an international airport.

What is the distance between the marina and the nearest major traffic centers?

The air distance is 16 km from Zadar and 22 km from Biograd.

The island is connected to the mainland by the Jadrolinija ferry line no. 434 (Zadar (Gaženica) - Brbinj), and high-speed boat line no. 9404 (Zadar (Peninsula) - Brbinj). More information on the timetable for both lines can be found on the Jadrolinija website. Both rides usually last 90-105 minutes. Marina Veli Rat is 17 km away from Brbinj. There is also a bus line Brbinj - Veli Rat which is partly related to the timetable of ferries and catamarans (more information on the timetable can be found on the Liburnija d.o.o. website).

Are there any other services near Marina Veli Rat?

In addition to the mini market and fast food kiosk that offers coffee to go, in Veli Rat there is also a restaurant and a pizzeria (it takes around 5 minutes on foot from the marina).  In Veli Rat there is also a post office that works mostly in the morning during the summer months. Larger shops can be found in Soline and Božava which are 4 and 8 km away from Veli Rat. A Medical clinic and customs office are located in Božava where you can also find several restaurants and coffee bars. The only authorized mechanic shop on the island is located on the other side of the island in the town of Sali, and whose workers usually come to the marina by prior arrangement.

The popular local beaches of Sakarun and Lanterna are a 20 minute walk from the marina.

Is there an organized delivery of products from the mini market to the anchorage and mooring area?

All the products that can be found on the flyers can be delivered by sailors to the anchorage or mooring.

Is there a dry berth in the Veli Rat marina?

Unfortunately, the service of dry berth, as well as lifting boats from the sea is not yet possible within the Marina Veli Rat.

What is the depth of the sea at the access to the anchorages and moorings in Pantera Bay?

The depth of the sea in the bay is mostly 12-13 meters on the waterway, at the marina it is 10-12 meters and at the anchorages the depth is at least 9 meters.

When renting an annual berth, which documents is the client obliged to present to the employees of Marina Veli Rat?

A client who has rented an annual berth at the Marina Veli Rat must present original copies of the following documents at the reception:

  • navigation license,
  • boat vignette (Confirmation of payment of fees upon registration of a yacht or boat),
  • passport or identity card,
  • identity documents of each warrantee who is allowed to use the vessel,
  • valid insurance policy,
  • a certified document proving the tax or duty paid on the vessel (eg an international T2L document or a copy of the Single Customs Declaration),
  • other documents, if necessary.

When renting a transit berth, which documents must the client present to the employees of the Marina Veli Rat?

It is enough to submit a navigation license and crew list, if the ship sails under the flag of the Republic of Croatia. If it sails under any other flag, it is necessary to have a vignette (Confirmation of payment of fees upon registration of the yacht or boat). Marina Veli Rat (Nautika Veli Rat d.o.o.) reserves the right to request additional documents if necessary. The client can pick up the documents of his vessel at the reception after paying the ful berth rental amount.


Marina Veli Rat reception
Address: Šetnica Ivana Klarina 1,
23287 Veli Rat, Croatia
Tel.: 00385 (0) 23 378 072
Fax: 00385 (0) 23 378 072
Mobile: 00385 (0) 91 280 0034
Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 7:00 – 20:00 h
Opening hours are reduced during the low season.
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