Holiday Apartments

Apartments Baotić are situated at Marina Baotic (N 43° 31`/ E 16° 14`), one of the most modern and beautiful yacht harbours in Croatia. Our harbour is located in the old fishing village of Seget Donji, close to the town of Trogir. Thanks to the modern infrastructure in Central Dalmatia, Apartments Baotić can be reached very easily. Split airport is only eight minutes away and the motorway is in immediate vicinity.


Information if you are coming to us by car


Distances between Seget Donji and larger Croatian towns:

Split: 28 km

Dubrovnik: 255 km

Zadar: 126 km

Rijeka: 330 km

Zagreb: 378 km


Distances between Seget Donji and some European cities:


Wien: 730 km

Budapest: 720 km

Prag: 1050 km

Warschau: 1400 km

Berlin: 1430 km

Amsterdam: 1700 km

Paris: 1690 km

Rom: 1080 km


How to reach Seget Donji by car:


Motorway – Autocesta Dalmatina A1

After having passed Zagreb, follow the signs in the direction of Split. You will pass the following towns on your route to Seget Donji:

Zagreb – Karlovac – Bosiljevo – Gospić – Zadar – Šibenik – Prgomet – SegetDonji

Approx. 30 km after passing Sibenik, you will see the motorway exit Prgomet. Leave the motorway via this exit and follow the road approx. 15 km to reach Seget Donji.

Coastal Highway – Jadranska magistrala

Coming from the north: Follow the road and pass the following towns before reaching Seget Donji: Rijeka – Senj – Karlobag – Zadar – Šibenik – Primošten – Seget Donji

Motorway – Autocesta D1

Coming from the north reaching Zagreb, you will pass the following towns on your route to Seget Donji: Karlovac – Plitvice – Korenica – Gračac – Drniš – Seget Donji


News on current traffic situation


Here you can find current traffic information and advice on road works in Croatia: Helpful when travelling to us by car are also the live webcams of HAK showing you the current traffic situation on Croatian motorways:


How to reach us by boat


Active winds: Bura (NE) and Jugo (SE) are active in the bay.

When coming in: Before reaching the bay entrance, you will encounter several small islands, rocks and shoals. The passage in between is wide and approx. 20 metres deep. In the centre of Trogir bay there are further rocks and the marked shoal “Hrid Celice“..

Description: The wide bay (6NM) in east-western direction is surrounded by two promontories of the same size. The Marina is situated on the western side of the bay while the eastern part “Saldun” is connected with Čiovo island.

VHF-Radio: You can communicate with the Marina 24 hours a day via VHF radio.


How to reach us by ferry


Split has excellent connections to the Italian cities of Ancona, Pescara und Bari. From Split you can reach Trogir or Seget Donji comfortably by water taxi. Water taxis are stopping at our Marina. For further information on ferry connections, please visit the ferry operator’s Website:


How to reach us by plane


The trip by plane is the fastest way to reach Marina Baotić. Split airport is only eight car minutes away from Seget Donji. There are many direct flight connections from European cities to Split, for instance:


  • Goteborg
  • Berlin
  • Prague
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Paris
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Madrid


If you are flying via Zagreb, there’s an even larger selection of connecting flights. Visit the homepage of Zagreb airport for flight schedules and further information on available flights.


Should you travel from non-EU countries, we recommend flying via Frankfurt or London-Heathrow as there are connecting flights to Split on a daily basis.